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table with posters detailing voting rights eligibility Repair Now was formerly known as Rights Restoration Project.

Donations help us expand services into more states, as well as to advertise our services to the communities that need them. Your donation helps to fund:

CanIvote: We provide posters and online resources (more coming soon!) for 42 states detailing voting rights eligibility of individuals. A $10 donation covers printing and shipping costs for about 10 posters!

CanIexpunge: We provide or support online resources for seven states detailing individual eligibility rules for criminal records mitigation of individuals in those states. A $10 donation can cover 5-10% of the average cost to expunge a record (which varies greatly by state)!

We keep all services offered by Repair Now completely free and work to make them as transparent and open to the public as possible. If you want to support our efforts, we ask that you give a donation today, or set up a recurring donation, allowing us to continuing providing and expanding these services in the future.